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As promised, the site has been updated with new reviews, including All-New Ghost Rider #s 1-2 and Thunderbolts # 20-22. I've also finally updated the Upcoming Comics page with new solicitation info for April, May, and June!

04/13/14: ...Hello?
So, I realize it's been a while, hasn't it? Over a year since the site was last updated, though it's not the longest the site has been on hiatus since it first went live way back in 2001.

It's been a strange year for me. In the time since the last new review, I have: lost my father to cancer, changed jobs, moved into a new home, and got married (which also brought along some step-children to the mix)! Getting VU back on track has been on my mind for months now, but with all of the new Ghost Rider goodness being released this summer (All-New Ghost Rider! Thunderbolts!), I thought the time was finally here for me to get off my ass and whip this place back into shape. Thanks to everyone who visits the site, joined the Facebook page, and sends me e-mails; I'm thrilled to have so many people enjoy the site and I'm thankful for your patience and commitment. Here's to me sticking to my guns this time!

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- Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears # 4
- Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears # 3
- Thunderbolts # 22
- Ghost Rider (2006) # 13
- Ghost Rider (2006) # 12
- All-New Ghost Rider # 2
- Thunderbolts # 21
- Ghost Rider (2006) # 11
- Thunderbolts # 20.NOW
- All-New Ghost Rider # 1

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